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Distinguished Speakers Announced for “Resilient Water Infrastructures and Global Water Security” Plenary Session

Updated:2023-05-12  Beijing, China

As of now, topics for four plenary sessions of the XVIII Congress have been decided, they are 1) Water-Economy (Agriculture, Industry, City...) - Ecology Nexus Under Changing Environment, 2) Resilient Water Infrastructures and Global Water Security, 3) Water Resources Management and Best Practices and 4) Water Ecosystem Conservative and Restoration.

The “Resilient Water Infrastructures and Global Water Security” Plenary Session will be held in the morning of 12th September 2023, including Keynote Speech, High-Level Panel Discussion, Q&A, etc. This session reflects one of the cutting-edge topics for the implementation of SDGs. Therefore, this 90-mins session will surely be very productive and fabulous. We welcome your attention and participation.

We are honored to announce that we have Dwikorita Karnawati (Director of the Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics and Permanent Representative of Indonesia with WMO) and Jinsheng Jia (Hon. President of ICOLD; Vice President of CHINCOLD;Deputy Director, State Key Laboratory of Simulation and Regulation of Water Cycle in River Basin of IWHR) to give keynote speech.

We are also pleased to have Michela Miletto (Coordinator, World Water Assessment Programme, UNESCO, and Director, UNESCO Programme Office on Global Water Assessment), Thomas Panella (Director, Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture, East Asia Department, ADB), Tony Kwok-ting Yau (Director, Water Supplies Department, HK SAR), Francois Fevrier (CEO of SUEZ Asia) and Mikio Ishiwatari (Senior Advisor in disaster management and water resources management of JICA) for the High-Level Panel Discussion.

The Plenary session will be moderated by Yan Huang (Vice Chief Engineer of Changjiang Water Resources Commission) and Mary Trudeau (Project officer of IWRA).